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So you have more than just a small shop front, you have a building!!

It may even be a few stories high. In the past this may have cost a small fortune to have cleaned by professional window cleaners.

Now there is options, and far cheaper ones at that.

The introduction of pure water in the professional window cleaning industry has meant multi story buildings are now more affordable to have cleaned. Whether its for multi story residential professional window cleaning or multi story commercial professional window cleaning, That Window Cleaners professional window cleaning brisbane team have invested in the future of window cleaning, meaning you need not pay for unnecesary costs.

The building in the picture is in Ascot in Brisbane and had not been cleaned in some time.

What made it more difficult was the building got progressively higher from the ground as it went around.

This building has no anchor points above and so would need to spend big$$$$$'s to install them, and then they need to be checked every 6 months which costs more. meaning that the regularity of this brisbane building having a professional window clean was every few years.

However with That Window Cleaner brisbane you get the opportunity to clean more regularly using our water- fed pole and pure water methods. which means we complete over 90% of our work from the safety of the ground.

Professional window cleaning brisbane doesnt need to cost big bucks. all you need is our professional and safe approach.

Want to know more, simply fill out a contact form or call Matt directly - 0468 569 978

There is nothing too big or small

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